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Thread: Government Shutdown

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    Quote Originally Posted by BasinCruiser View Post
    Rumor has it Trump is willing to cave on DACA in exchange for the wall.
    I have no problem with that. DACA kids are a major issue that also needs to be dealt with.

    Is what really needs to happen is Congress needs to get off their fat lazy ass and fix our entire immigration system. It's not the presidents job and he doesn't have the power. The best the president can do, as both Obama and Trump found out, is try to put bandaids on the problem with executive orders.

    If the President and Senate put a great deal on the table in front of the public it will force the Democratic Houses hand... or not...

    Congress do your job!

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    The thing about border security is you either let them in, or you don't. If they come swarming at the border and we're going to let them in, they have to meet certain "criteria".

    But criteria is racist. Tell someone "You can't have that" and they'll cuss in your face.

    Trump is going to have to go the emergency route. The Dems don't even want to acknowledge his existence. Man, the State Adress is going to be interesting. Screw the Oscars.
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    He promised Mexico would pay for it. Another promise kep.

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    Mainstream media is so damn corrupt... here is the AP headline after Trump put a legitimate offer on the table yesterday to end the government shutdown...

    Trump appears to threaten millions of immigrants

    Just to start off, they are NOT immigrants, they are ILLEGAL immigrants. And Trump never threatened them. He offered to put protections for them in place in exchange for increased border security. And last but not least if you don't like an offer you counter with what is acceptable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    Mainstream media is so damn corrupt...

    Obstruction Obstruction Obstruction
    That would be the "Dominant Establishment Liberal Mass Media". I don't even see it as "news" anymore. Haven't for many years, actually.

    Editorials and opinion pieces masquerading as headlines. I remember in the 70s and 80s my grandma being obsessed with tabloid papers. I also remember thinking back then that it would be ridiculous if this crap ever became the "mainstream" has.

    Even more surprising to me is just how sloppy the oligarchs are.
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    I'd book a flight to Hawaii right now if only this shutdown were over. A part of the National Park I'd visit is closed and that park is half the reason I'd go there.

    I wish he'd just declare an EMERGENCY and get it over with. These assholes don't wanna talk...just ride roughshod over them.
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