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Thread: Mystery Glyphs (Saint George)

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    Mystery Glyphs (Saint George)

    Anyone have any insight as to the origin of these glyphs?
    Similar ones are found in Cedar City , Fillmore , Manti canyon and other locations in Utah and the western states. I have heard a few rumors of the meaning and the origin ... but I smell bulls**t

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    What??? You're not buying the location to buried Spanish treasure story?

    I've studied the Mystery Glyph a little over the years. The earliest reference I found to them was 1930 to the Cedar City Glyph.

    The horse symbol means post Columbus. They are found near Morman settlements.

    My guess a Mormon pioneer or later carved them, why I have no clue.

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    FWIW - Another theory/legend is they we're put were Mormon temples are to be built by God/profits/seers/angels.

    The Mystery Glylps are actually entertaining to read about if nothing else, at least they are if you're bored.

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    I researched a lot at the time--I know where the gold is....
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    It's either clues to the location of an Aztec gold cache, or it's ancient writings from the prophet Moroni and/or other fleeing Nephites.

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    They are located everywhere I sacrificed a virgin.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    They are located everywhere I sacrificed a virgin.

    Of all the theories I have heard this one seems closer to an explanation than any other.
    When ever I encounter one of these sites I am overwhelmed by a crippling feeling of sorrow, the feeling of nonfulfillment of hopes and expectations, something incomplete.

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    Really makes you wonder why they were made. Somebody invested a modest amount of time and effort to etch those into the rock.

    Could it really just be boredom? Or virgin sacrifices...?

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