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Thread: Racing Pictures

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    Racing Pictures

    I have access to an awesome array of old racing pictures and I think I'll start posting some here... feel free to add your own. And to start things off...

    A very young Jeff Gordon #4 with Rich Vogler in the Hoffman #1 at Winchester 1990 - RIP "Rapid Rich"

    To the best of my knowledge Vogler is the only driver ever to both win and die in his last race.

    Days before his 40th birthday, Vogler was competing in a nationally broadcast ESPN Thunder sprint car event at Salem Speedway. He was leading the race at the time, when his car crashed with just over a lap to go. Vogler's helmet flew off of his head and he suffered severe head injuries that proved to be fatal.
    Because of USAC rules on a red flag reverting to the previous completed lap, he was declared the winner of the event following his death, which was his 170th win.

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    As a kid Wild Bill Madsen was my favorite Supermodified driver. The pic is a late 1970's photo at the Super Oval near Emmett Idaho. I was a huge fan of Western State Supermodified racing.

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    Always one of my favorite pictures... Al Unser at the Ted Horn Memorial - "Big Al" would go out early due to an accident in the Team Viceroy #3 Grant King Ford & fin 17th - Du Quoin 1975

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    Gary Bettenhausen in the Willie Davis #1 at Terre Haute 1970 - RIP Gary-

    In the glory days of racing there were old drivers and there were bold drivers.... but there were no old bold drivers.

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    One more for today... Jeff Gordon and the Winterbothom #6 Gambler at Eldora 1989 -

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    Good stuff... keep 'em coming.

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    For the mechanical guys... here is an Indy car without the engine. The engine in an Indy car is a stressed member, which means the engine is also part of the frame. In the picture you can see how the shocks and upper A-arms will bolt to the engine block.

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    A great Lady... Shirley Muldowney who beat all the men at their own game from 1977 to 1982. She was 3 time NHRA Top Fuel Champion. Mulroney was great for the sport of drag racing.

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    Bobby Johns driving Smokey Yunick # 47 side car Offy in practice for the 1964 Indy 500. The car failed to qualify for the race.

    Regardless what people think about this car of Smokey's design what l really miss the most about lndy car racing these days is all the cars use to be different. I loved the ingenuity that went into all the cars, and all the secret stuff. Now days all it takes is money to buy the best parts that someone else makes. Cookie cutter cars suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    Bobby Johns driving Smokey Yunick # 47 side car Offy in practice for the 1964 Indy 500. The car failed to qualify for the race.
    If anyone wants to read a great book I suggest "Black Noon: The Year They Stopped the Indy 500" by Art Garner. I read the book and couldn't put it down.

    Smokey's #47 is discussed in the book. The car was more than fast enough to qualify for the Indy 500, but Bobby John put it into the wall during qualifying. To make the day even worse for Yunick his NASCAR driver Fireball Robert's was involved in a wicked accident on the same day and burned badly. Fireball died a few days later.

    And if you ever want to read a great book on Smokey Yunick I suggest "Best Damn Garage in Town" by Smokey Yunick. Yunick was a legend and was the original if you're not cheating you're not trying racer.

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    The 1933 Napier Railton on the Brooklands banking in the mid-1930ís. Brooklands is in Surrey, England and opened in 1907. It was the worlds first purpose built circuit and parts of it still remain today. The Napier was powered by a 24 litre W12 aircraft engine, it set the record at Brooklands with a 143.44mph average in 1935. The car is now housed in the Brooklands Museum.

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    Love this thread. I have a few to add.

    Dale's show car at Chev dealer in Provo, circa 1992ish.

    We were blown away at how cool it was and we were there for about a half hour, but we were the only ones that even looked at it.

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    Loved drag racing too.

    John Force and Cruz Pedregon going at it at Bandimere early 90's.

    Force's smoky burnout.

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    Not sure who got the hole shot...looks pretty even.

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    Bob Glidden, the 3rd winningest NHRA driver of all time, putting the hurt on Paul somebody.

    Glidden was my hero, he was a class act.

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    Here's Bob Glidden holding his Wally.

    Name:  268.jpg
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    A.J. Foyt & his Traco powered #2 sprinter at Terre Haute 1964. The lack of driver safety in the old sprint cars just amazes me, it's no wonder so many were killed. If the car went over you were toast.

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    Al Unser at Du Quoin 1970 - "Big Al" would win all of the dirt races in the Vels - Jones #2 Johnny Lightning sponsored GK Ford & the National Championship this year - also this would be the last year that the dirt races counted towards "The Trail Championship".

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    Paul Newman and not your daddy's oldsmobile at The Glen

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    I meet Paul Newman a couple of times at the race track. The first time was at the Las Vegas Grand Prix. I was standing in the breakfast buffet line in Cesar's Palace and all these people kept walking by and staring at me. I finally turned around and noticed the reason they were staring was Paul Newman was standing behind me in line. I mentioned something about glad they weren't all staring at me and we had a good laugh. After that whenever I saw him at the racetrack he always said hi.

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    How about this for an oldie! My first sprint car race was at the old Salt Lake Fairgrounds race track, but that was in the early 60's.

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