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Thread: Video: Iron Wash - Battling Ice & Hypothermia

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    Video: Iron Wash - Battling Ice & Hypothermia

    While browsing YouTube for canyoneering vids (Sunday evening is a good time for this), this popped up as a recommended video.

    It was created by a channel called “Mediocre Amateur”. It looks like they are based in Utah but travel all over doing videos of ridge-climbs, mountaineering, and endurance races, etc but it came up as “Iron Wash - Battling Ice and Hypothermia”.

    So they have a buddy who has a helicopter and they flew over the San Rafael Swells and saw this slot canyon they wanted to explore. So they came back later and decided to go for it, with thin, thin wetsuits.

    They got to the major pothole and didn’t go into it due to lack of proper gear (and running out of daylight), which was a smart idea and ridge-escaped out of the canyon.

    Just goes to show you that just because you are an experienced outdoorsman, in good shape, can hike ridges, etc. doesn’t mean that you will be a good canyoneer! Thought for the wise.

    The drone footage and the vids were high quality though!

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    This is how wealthy hipsters spend their money.

    Either they are so rich that they can afford to buy brand new gear for every trip or they're just total noobs. I noticed there wasn't a scratch or a blemish of any kind on any of their gear/clothes. Plus they called Iron Wash "some unknown slot canyon."

    That said, I do like their hats, and the high quality video.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockgremlin View Post
    Plus they called Iron Wash "some unknown slot canyon."
    Remember all the grief Slotmachine got for putting out the beta on those slots pouring into upper West? I made the argument in his defense that anyone who wants to do it blind can simply ignore the beta...just like these guys did.

    Problem is...there's little recourse if you go into those without your shit together. These guys got lucky to escape the way they did, otherwise they may have been seriously hurtin' pups.

    Imagine that...."Abandon helicopter found in the Swell". I reckon those bright jackets would make the bodies easier to spot, eh?
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    "experienced outdoorsman" - very dangerous!

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