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Thread: Utah Football 2019

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    You guys are looking at particular battles and I'm looking big picture at the war.

    Utah ALWAYS has problems with teams that have more speed across the board, it's the Achilles heel of Whitt's defense.

    Huntley was slightly off target all night, not bad, but every throw was 1 or 2 feet behind the receiver. Many were catchable, but not in stride which killed the YAC.

    Oregon punched Utah hard in the mouth on the first series when they stopped them on third and 4th down from picking up the yard for the 1st. Oregon than took over on downs and just smashed the ball down the field to score. Utah didn't recover from that beat down until start of the 3rd quarter.

    Anyhoo... that is some of the battles Utah lost that eventually cost them the war.

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    This is certainly good news for you Utah boys....
    Life is Good

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    It's great, but I bet there is a low buyout if he is offered a head coaching job.

    I'm just guessing but I'll bet there is something like a $500k buyout if offered a P5 head coaching job. Something like that is typical in this type of contract. Urban Meyer had a similar buyout that allowed him to leave Florida for Ohio State.

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    I agree with what has been said. Utah looked a little different and when they got punched in the mouth, they did not respond with the same level of ferociousness. All the pressure was on Utah. Oregon was going to the Rose Bowl either way. Getting stuffed on those short 1-2 yard 3rd and 4th downs really took the wind out of their sales. Huntley was running for his life on several plays instead of hanging in the pocket. He just didn't seem to have the patience that he has had all season. We saw a matured Huntley all season, except on Friday night.

    When Utah got that deep into the hole I just didn't think they could come back. First they had to stop the Ducks and that was a tall task. When Oregon broke off that 70 yard run right up the middle, that was the final straw. Was Utah too tired at that point? Were they mentally and physically exhausted? Yes. Oregon's halftime totals in rushing and total offense were what Utah allowed for the entire game when playing other opponents. Nobody did that to Utah prior. I also think that loss to Arizona State helped the Ducks refocus, while Utah had been on cruise control for 2 months. Really only being tested a couple times by inferior teams. They say that sometimes a late season loss can be better for a team prior to them getting into the playoffs and/or championship games.

    I think it was a combination of not being truly battle tested and the stage was SO BIG. They didn't handle the pressure very well...well horribly. They play much better as the underdog. Like I said earlier too...ALL the pressure was on Utah. It was being touted as one of the biggest sporting events in the history of Utah sports. I don't know how you could coach them any different. I just don't think they executed and I don't pin it on coaching unless there was a better way to calm them down and get them loose. The Ducks played like lions and they had all the moxy needed to continuing applying the pressure until the final horn sounded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca View Post
    I also think that loss to Arizona State helped the Ducks refocus, while Utah had been on cruise control for 2 months.

    And not just a late season loss but any loss can get a team back on track.

    I was coaching the 8th Grade team at Juan Diego HS and we lost the first game of the season to Lone Peak. All year I just kept telling my team "I don't know how good we have to be, but we have got to get better than Lone Peak", and my team worked their butt off all season. We met Lone Peak again in the state Championship Game and kicked their ass.

    About a month later I was talking with the Lone Peak coach and he said the worst thing that happened to his team was they went through the season undefeated and his team figured if they just showed up the championship would be awarded to them. I told him the best thing that happened to us was losing the first game as his team became the carrot I could dangle in front of my team the entire season to get them to focus and work.

    For whatever it's worth, I'm a kickass coach. In five years of coaching football my teams only lost 3 games. I stopped coaching football so I could coach mountain bikes when my daughter started racing for the high school team (6 years coaching and 4 state championships). I've been thinking hard about getting back into coaching football. If the right HS OC job came along I probably would do it.

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    We need a new coach over here at Bingham to keep the championships rolling in. Coach Lambourne is retiring.

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    Coaching at Bingham would bring about the same problems, expectations and pressures as coaching at BYU... Hahaha

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    Texas is the type of team that tends to give Utah big problems. Texas is loaded with talent, easily one of the top 10 teams if measuring athletic ability top to bottom. Texas mirrors USC in that the team is loaded 4 and 5 star athletes and just hasn't been able to put all the pieces together consistently in a winning formula.

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    Utah Football 2019

    It had 30 comments and a bunch of shares after 15 minutes. Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca View Post
    All the pressure was on Utah. Oregon was going to the Rose Bowl either way.
    Or looking the other way, Oregon had no incentive to play well. Just a remarkable choke by the Utes. May the human factor remain in sport, analytics be damned, forever.

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    ^^^I wonder if he'll play in the bowl game?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockgremlin View Post
    ^^^I wonder if he'll play in the bowl game?
    Iím wondering who else might not play. There are 8-9 guys headed to the NFL. They will probably keep it all hush until kickoff.

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    Utah Utes star running back Zack Moss put all of the speculation to rest and said that he will play in the Alamo Bowl against the Texas Longhorns in the final game of his college career.

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    Utah Football 2019

    Jaylon Johnson (decision) and Julian Blackmon (injury) are sitting out.

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    Utah Football 2019

    An hour to kickoff. Who do you got in this one and what will the score be?

    Utah is favored by 7.

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    Itís a sleeper so far...

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    You know things arenít going well when the opposing coach is celebrating your interception
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    Looks like Utah only showed up to go to Seaworld. Lol

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