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Thread: Utah Football 2019

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    FYI - The comments on are interesting and all over the board. Everything from we can now beat Bama to we are totally doomed.

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    Utah Football 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    After the parade of OC's Utah has had I've come to believe the problem with the offense is Whitt. He is just so conservative.
    Typically yes, but thatís not what I saw in the Holiday Bowl and throughout the year. They seemed to keep their foot on the gas. Which did not work in the bowl game.

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    Zack Moss is a class act all the way. He passed up between $4M - $8M dollars to return to Utah and finish his senior year.

    I hope for his sake that he stays healthy all throughout the 2019 season.

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    Former Texas quarterback Cameron Rising officially announced that he will continue his college football career with the Utes.

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    I think Shelley is going to be hard to beat out as QB1 in 2020. Shelley has a great arm, big game experience, and he doesn't get rattled. Plus I expect to see Shelly continue to improve over the coming year. The one advantage Rising has is all Utah QB's will be learning a new system this year.

    The big question this year is how many games until Huntley is hurt?

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