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Thread: Red Ledges Diamond Fork Canyon, Utah

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    Red Ledges Diamond Fork Canyon, Utah

    This hike is absolute adrenaline rush. It is not for little ones, or kids you can't trust to be smart, or those afraid of heights, but for those smart climbers wanting a fun challenge in a super cool spot. If this is you then you should really check this place out. It was a huge adventure, even thought I did get in a spot once that was a little sketchy, so definitely be careful. There are well traveled trails that lead to rappelling areas, and they are a little hard to back out of. Just be smart and don't go anywhere that is not safe or that you can't back out of. Anyway, check out a 360 degree tunnel of the place on my blog. I would love to know which blog site you find to be most stable on your device.

    Also this treasure is the reason Diamond Fork canyon got its name. There is an ARCH here called Diamond Fork Arch just on the back side of Red Ledges. There is a spot on the east side of Red Ledges where you can cross over and then walk right down and see the arch.

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    Happy Hiking

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    Cool stuff! Thanks for the post. I'm down in this neck of the woods often so I'll definitely have to check it out.
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