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Thread: MSNBC on migrants

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sombeech View Post
    Did they at least bulldoze the bodies back to the south side of the border?
    Better than that... they tossed the bodies (living, dead and deceased) all into an open Tijuana sewer that used to be a soccer stadium.

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    Pregnant caravan migrant scales border wall and poops out kid on US soil.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sombeech View Post
    So what is the general status of the Caravan? Is it still coming? Or did it show up and kind of fizzle out?

    I could google it but I'd rather get my info from reliable sources, like the good folks at bogley
    I think it's pretty much mayhem, dude.
    Don't be so sure of what you think you're sure of.

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