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Thread: California Wildfires

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    California Wildfires

    Crazy stuff in California this year. Topped off by this record breaking fire. So sad.


    Nine people have been found dead. Entire neighborhoods are leveled. The business district is destroyed. In one day, this Sierra Nevada foothill town of 27,000 founded in the 1800s was largely incinerated by flames that moved so fast there was nothing firefighters could do.

    The blaze that started Thursday outside the hilly town of Paradise has grown to 156 square miles (404 square kilometers) and destroyed more than 6,700 buildings, almost all of them homes, making it California's most destructive wildfire since record-keeping began. But crews have made gains and the fire is partially contained, officials said Saturday.

    The dead were found inside their cars and outside vehicles or homes after a desperate evacuation that Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea called "the worst-case scenario." Their identities were not yet known.

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    And Trump blames it all on mismanagement of forests. Forests do what they do, and so does the climate, Its only a problem when we live there, and the cycle of forest fires catches up with us. Las Vegas has the right idea - no trees to burn in that town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwi_outdoors View Post
    And Trump blames it all on mismanagement of forests. Forests do what they do, and so does the climate, Its only a problem when we live there, and the cycle of forest fires catches up with us.
    FWIW - Most experts agree the mismanagement of California forests is partially to blame for the recent massive fires. Exactly how much management among numerous other factors is to blame is open to debate. I see this to be a lot like climate change where everyone agrees it's getting warmer, but how much, and who, or what, gets the blame is fuzzy at best.

    Mismanaged forests provide fuel to historic California wildfires experts say

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    WE ain't going to rake and woodchip the entire forest floor and continuously thin out stuff - not practical on much of the terrain, and too $$. We need to not live IN the forest so much as folks like to do in our dry countryside. In wetter locations, its ok to live in the woods.

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    Actually one of our big problems is we have not let forest fires burn naturally for the past 70 years, which has resulted is huge fuel loads.

    We have to let fires burn naturally, or have controlled burns, or thin the forest, or tolerate these massive fires when they occur.

    As an engineer I can think of several other cost effective ways to stop these huge burns but the tree huggers, rock lickers, and forest fairies would have a shit fit :-)

    Forest fires are a normal and healthy part of the environment.

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    The firefighters on the ground donít seem impressed with Trump.

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    I love Shaq. Him and Barkley make their TNT show completely worth watching.

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    God hates California.

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    Gave me a chuckle...

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    I feel sorry for the town of Pleasure, California.

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    I am going straight to hell for this, but if you smiled you are joining me.

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