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    FIC website

    The Fédération International de Canyonisme (FIC, Federation for International Canyoning) is excited and pleased to reveal its website: Please come and discover the history of RIC canyon festivals. Allow your jealously to be fed by fantastic photos. Stay abreast of international events.

    Canyoning is definitely an international sport. FIC was officially established with the languages of French and English. However, with 15-member countries from both hemispheres, there are many more languages that will be used on our website. Be prepared to utilize Google Translate to the max.

    Each year the FIC website will be the starting point for the upcoming Rassemblement Internationale de Canyon (RIC). This is the international canyon festival that was started in 2003 by Rich Carlson and Koen Viaene. At times it was also referred to as “Rendezvous International de Canyon.” For 2019, the event will be held in Colombia. But please be patient with the RIC 2019 Colombia organizers. They are not quite ready for the inundation of avid worldwide canyoneers. We have listed their email link on our website even though it is not yet live. We had to tease the more observant among you! This RIC will be held September 29 through October 6, 2019.

    The FIC Calendar will list any canyon related event. Please just notify FIC of the details you wish to publish.

    Special thanks go to Tena Nguyen, Artnfilemedia, for tremendous assistance to get the website up and running. It took us four years to get here, it was definitely worth the wait.

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    Could just be my phone but I went to the website and was unable to open up any of the links?

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    I am using Android/Chrome. Go to You will see large pictures that on a computer you can click. Instead on the phone, go to upper right hand corner with three horizontal lines. Click on them. Use that menu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonnylawrence View Post
    I am using Android/Chrome.
    I'm on Android/Chrome on a Samsung S7 and the FIC website currently has some major issues and is not mobile friendly.

    In the upper right hand corner where there should be three horizontal lines I have a very small X and the only reason I even know to click on it is because I've designed enough websites to know something is hidden there. My best guess is the way your main menu pulls down from the top is not mobile friendly to a large number of devices.

    I get the same results on my Samsung tablet. To get to the different menu's I can swipe left or right but that is not instinctive and a poor design. I also probably would not know what I was looking at by swiping if I had not of first visited the site on my computer.

    Anyhoo... just thought you should know. Screen shot attached.

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    Android also.

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    Great feedback. Thanks. I will ask that to be fixed.

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