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Thread: Question For All You Dog People....

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    Question For All You Dog People....

    About two years ago we got our first dog -- a Cavalier Spaniel, and she's been a wonderful dog: loyal, friendly, trainable, fun to have around -- just an overall great dog. So with that experience, we got coaxed into bringing on a second dog. There was a lady in the neighborhood who was trying to sell Labradoodle puppies. She was selling them for a really good price, and was down to the last of the litter. So we figure since our experience with the first dog was so great, what could possibly go wrong? If anything, the two dogs will bond like siblings and it'll be that much better.

    So we're about a month into potty training this Labradoodle puppy, and it's going like it always does with dogs at first -- they pee and poop ALL OVER the house. Not really a problem -- that's to be expected. But now we've got another growing problem: Our first dog (the Cavi) who was so perfectly trained and well mannered has started peeing all over the house. We're thinking -- is this just a case of "Monkey see, Monkey do?" Or has this waded into the realm of the spiteful and jealous first dog lashing out? We have a doggy door installed that dog #1 has always used to go outside to do her business. What gives?

    Last night, our first dog, who has always been so well mannered and never had a problem going outside on her own to potty, jumps up on our bed and PISSES ALL OVER MY WIFE'S PILLOW!! And she knew she was misbehaving because after she did it she dropped her head, and tucked her tail and ran off to find somewhere to hide.

    This feels more like an act of war. Like dog #1 is retaliating for us having brought a second dog into her territory. And now we're looking to get rid of the Labradoodle.

    Did we assess this accurately, or is there something else going on here?
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    LOL sorry to hear that but I chuckled, we've got a good dog. We bought him after he'd been potty trained. I don't think I could go through the process again.

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    Question: Are both dogs spayed/neutered? Could be a territorial issue. I love dogs, but because of how my schedule was, I owned kitties because they were pretty much self-contained. On one occasion, I had an issue with a cat (I had two at that time) and she started to urinate outside of her litter box. I was so upset because she had never done this before, but when I went to clean it up, there was blood in the cloth where I was cleaning. I took her to the vet and it turned out she had a UTI and needed antibiotics. The vet told me she urinated outside of the box so she could "tell" me that she was sick. So, perhaps you may want to have your dog checked out for any health issues just in case. It also could just be a jealousy issue. Good luck!
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    The older Spaniel has not been spayed. And since the Labradoodle is only about 10 weeks old she also hasn't been spayed.

    The younger labradoodle is already much bigger and thicker than the Spaniel, and pushes her weight around a lot, including pushing the Spaniel away from her food dish and pushing her way into situations where she gets more attention. She's a little labra-bully, basically. Plus the Labradoodle will chew up stuff all over the house, and after she's made a mess the older Spaniel will stand there and give us these dirty looks like as if to say "You gonna allow that shit?!"
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    The older dog is jealous and expressing him/herself. Give some equal love to the first dog and discipline them in front of each other. I've had dogs for almost 30 years.. been through about 10 dogs thus far with my oldest and most favorite lasting a miraculous 18 years old.
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