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Thread: Kickstarter Documentary: Uinta Highline Trail

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    Kickstarter Documentary: Uinta Highline Trail

    Just came across this on FB and thought I'd share it here:

    Copied and Pasted below:

    Film Synopsis: For most of human history, we lived in wild places. Ten days. Five friends. One trek across Utah's Uinta Highline Trail. Watch as the ancient history of the trail is woven together with the personal history of each of the hikers as they get back in touch with the world, and each other.

    Experienced hikers have called the Uinta Highline Trail superior to the John Muir Trail. Yet very few people know about it. It managed to stay under the radar for decades. With permission from the Ashley National Forest, and the Uinta Wasache Cache National Forest, we set out for 10 days in July of 2018 to capture the story of this unknown place.

    Armed with cameras and sound gear, we followed 5 experienced long distance hikers as they traversed the rugged Uinta mountain range. This film will be unique in that it will go far beyond a typical adventure film or documentary. It will convey 3 distinct dimensions: The history, the modern experience, and the personal growth stories of the hikers.
    The hikers: Steve Kaiser, Matt Favero, Joe Valesko, Benny Braden, Will Wood
    The Hope:
    In America, we're great at concentrating ourselves into well known national parks. Overcrowding is a problem. We hope this film encourages responsible hikers to venture off the beaten path and to experience the Uinta Highline Trail and feel a connection to it. That connection can create a sense of stewardship that is vital to preserving our wild lands.
    The Budget:

    We have friends in the industry signed up for the project who were kind enough to provide discounted pricing including a professional colorist a mixer and a sound designer.
    We've invested our own money, but we need help covering the finishing costs. We're pouring our heart and soul into this project, and it would be the world to us if you would consider joining us in bringing Highline to life in August of 2019.

    Risks and challenges

    While this is our first kickstarter, it's not our first film. We've overcome all the obstacles of filmmaking several times before. So there's little risk to the end result.
    The biggest risk at this point is reassembly after the coloring process. If something goes wrong it can cause a delay of 1-2 weeks. But we've buffered for that so risk is minimal."

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