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Thread: Webbing Adjustment (Shortening) Technique

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    Webbing Adjustment (Shortening) Technique

    I have a friend who works with Davis County SAR and they had training this last saturday by a 3rd party showing them various rescue anchor techniques. One of those techniques was a webbing shortening/adjustment process.

    Without seeing it, I thought it was "equalizing" but apparently it's not. And no-one else with SAR has ever seen this technique either.

    I found a video of it on the YouTube. Does any one use it? Any other thoughts or commemts no it?

    I guess if you are mr/mrs/ms moneybags and have excess webbing to use, then why not? But if you are trying leave minimal webbing, then cutting the webbing makes better sense.

    Still kind of neat, especially for easy it is.
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