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Thread: Deer/Tapeats Creeks Grand Canyon

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    Deer/Tapeats Creeks Grand Canyon

    I've spent many nights here, mostly back in the 90s while living my personal GC obsession. It's been 10 years since I was in the area.

    I'm happy to report that both drainages are in great condition. A little micro trash here and there, but otherwise pleasantly clean. The day before I hiked in, I picked up a permit at the North Rim Backcountry Office. The ranger told me only ONE spot remained for the three nights I wanted between the two canyons. I think the limit is 12 per night...

    Anyway, all those people never showed up! I camped alone at both sites and didn't see anyone other than some day hiking river runners and a few coming in as I was hiking out. I've noticed this in the past...permits being sold but people bailing and then not calling the backcountry office to open up the spots. Good thing I was alone otherwise we would have not been allowed to go there...and the place was empty!

    Here's some pics. The pools upstream from the camp in Tapeats are full of trout. The large spring you see coming out of the wall is Thunder River.
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    Sometimes I have trouble uploading pics on this site. But you get the idea.
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    Did you hike the loop via the Colorado - or do a down-and-back on each drainage from the junction below the esplanade?

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    Down the Bill Hall to Deer Creek, then along the river to Tapeats, then up and out. Three nights, one at Deer, two at Tapeats.

    The trail along the river has become quite defined now. Back in the day it was more like a route.
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    Kudos to you - wife and I broke the "up and out from the river" by adding a night on the Esplanade - where we had dropped a food/water stash on the way in. And even at that, it was hard. Sept 2013, I was almost 62 years old back then, wifey is 4 months younger. The park was closed (!!!) part way into our trip, if you remember all that.

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    Well don't let old age stop ya. That there is a damn fine place to backpack to. 4 hours and you're there.

    The tough part about that place is the climb from the Esplanade to the base of the Coconino. It's stupid steep.
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    Nice report - did you get the TG-5 in the end? Guess you weren't in any water on this trip?

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    Our snake

    lets see if I can attach our snake photo from 2013 - he/she was in Tapeats above the Thunder River trail junction.. Snakey was right beside the trail.
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    Nice! Every time I'm in in those drainages I see snakes. When I first saw that one up there I caught, I thought it was a bull snake. They can get nasty, but this one was mild mannered...didn't hiss and was calm. I could handle it lightly.

    I think it was a very large grass snake, or maybe a king?
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    Hey, hey, hey, hey...that made me this way.

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