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Thread: Make Skiing Great Again 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by uintafly View Post
    Nice shots. Do you do paid work for them or just fooling around?
    Thanks, I've met with JP, one of their Marketing guys for that drone shot. This one was to establish a connection, plus the permission to fly on their resort. I'd like it to turn into something simple like a trade for free lift passes for the rough and finished footage.

    I've shot a few different things up there like the El Doce MTB race, then a KSL article I wrote about the Brim Trail, then some Real Estate shots I got this past fall for some of the lots up there.

    So yeah, I'm trying to work on some marketing trade work. Same with Nordic Valley and also the little snow tubing run they've got there, Wasatch Parc, I just contracted for some free lift tickets for scheduling a video gig for next Monday.

    Then with Snowbasin, the GM reached out to me last fall with the Fall Colors video going crazy. Davy Ratchford invited me for an introduction and we talked about some possibilities. I haven't had much of a chance to do anything for Snowbasin yet this season, although the day of that same meeting, it was the day prior to opening so I shot this quick clip promoting their opening date the next day.

    I've got a lot of connections but I just don't have the time to do much with them.

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    Looks like things are about to get real in these parts. Too bad I had a few meetings this morning, but hopefully I can make it up this afternoon. Looking like I am gonna have to be burning a sick day Friday though.

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    Warning: reading this forecast may cause erections lasting longer than 4 hours:

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    Earlier in this thread I mentioned the guy that slayed Main Chute with skies as old as me. Well, I ended up seeing pov footage on instagram.

    What a nice little 6 day stretch of snow. I was able to make turns 5 days in a row, but got screwed by too much snow and shitty drivers yesterday. I got to about 1 mile from the mouth of LCC before they shut down the canyon. Could have probably got up sooner if their weren't so many retards on the road. this single shot has no less than 5 stuck cars.

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    Yesterday not withstanding, still a ton of killer skiing this weekend.

    Gunsight delivered all day Friday

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    So happy to leave the bunny slopes behind. Little man racked up over 40k of vert between Saturday and Sunday. Didn't hurt that on Saturday his team gets to skip the lines.

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    What a nice little powder morning. Ended up getting 10th chair or so on Collins and my buddy and I were probably #2 or 3 to drop into High Boy. 1,400' of untracked blower pow??? Yes please! Too lazy to get any good photos until we took a few laps, but it stayed good all morning. Took all of my willpower to head down canyon to work. Been such a great year, hopefully it keeps up.

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    Yesterday was a day to send. My little man has been hassling me to find him a cliff to huck and I figured Punk Rock would be perfect yesterday. Once he got his first cheers from the folks on the lift, it was on.

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    Build a wall

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    This...has been a fun year.

    That is all.

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