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Thread: LDS Church Meeting Times

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    It's like the Marijuana topic. I'm very objective in my reasons, I try to leave emotions out of it. When I hear my fellow Mormons talk about Marijuana and how dangerous it is, I openly, and politely correct them and let them know it's not addictive like they think, and you cannot die from an overdose of weed or THC.

    This does not mean I'm voting to legalize it, I just have no motivation to do it. If somebody presents a good argument to legalize it, and it motivates me to go vote, I'll do it. But while I'll correct people that it's not as dangerous as they think, I'll also correct others when they say it's illegal only because of the Mormons, because that's far from true also.

    I don't need to defend the LDS Church. I don't care what y'all think of me or the church. But if somebody says their kid has no friends because they are not Mormon, I'm going to step in and object because it's not true. If somebody wants to ridicule Mormons and say they are quirky and nerdy, you're right, there are a ton of dweebs that are also Mormon. They laugh at bland things, some people get shocked at mild occurrences, that's all true. I'm just objecting to things that are not true. The LDS church doesn't need my defense, it'll do fine on it's own.

    And when somebody wants to talk about the gay community vs the LDS church, I'll go all the way down that road with you and we will discover that one of the two sides is usually intolerant of the other, while spray painting the very word tolerance on the protest signs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sombeech View Post
    Anyways, so how about them new Church hours!
    Take it down to 50 minutes, serve coffee and bagels after and I might consider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirkHammergate View Post
    Take it down to 50 minutes, serve coffee and bagels after and I might consider.
    no, you still won't

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sombeech View Post
    no, you still won't
    Probably not, but you could get Iceaxe if you start having southern girls in confederate bikinis pass the sacrament.

    By the way, a compelling argument for legal weed: I don't need the government to tell me what I can and can't consume. Or better yet, think of all of the money we will save by not having non violent pot users tie up the court system. Or taxes.

    When I was at the U, I took a class called the economics of drugs, crime and sex. Lots of compelling evidence that legalizing vices ends up in lower crime rates and drug abuse rates. Alcohol Prohibition is a good example. Also a piece of trivia for you, Utah was the deciding state to overturn prohibition. The voters went against the church in that election, let's hope they do the same next month, because my back has been hurtin and I am not a fan of opiates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uintafly View Post
    Probably not, but you could get Iceaxe if you start having southern girls in confederate bikinis pass the sacrament.
    Nope... not even if the sacrament was a bottle of fine India pale ale.

    I have nothing against peaceful religions, but I can't wrap my head around any church being the one true religion and anyone failing to worship at said church being doomed to hell. I don't think God actually works that way.

    If God didn't truly love gays, and blacks, and women, and old white guys he would not have made so many of each.

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