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Thread: FireWife, Capitol Reef NP 09/23/2018

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    FireWife, Capitol Reef NP 09/23/2018

    Hop on the Cassidy Arch trail,
    Hop on the Frying Pan Trail and go up for a little bit more,
    Hop off the Frying Pan trail and and get down into Fire canyon,
    Exit Fire canyon and hop back on the Frying Pan Trail and go up for a litte bit more,
    Hop off the Frying Pan Trail and Hop over into Wife number 5 of Cohab canyon,
    Hop out of Wife number 5 and onto Cohab canyon trail,
    Head down Cohab Trail to finish up at the Campground

    We left an exit vehicle at the main Capitol Reef Campground and headed to the Grand Wash trailhead.
    Fire canyon has a nice 130 foot rappel at the head of the canyon. There are also other shorter rappel options.
    Fire canyon like all other Capitol Reef canyons is amazingly scenic with some wild geologic features.
    The dark narrow section was tight, wet and fun.

    We chose Wife #5 to finish this route. She is probably one of the best of the wives.

    Thanks to my canyoneering partners Jessica, Alijeh, Carl, Jeremy and Lorin for great time and great pictures.

    Full album of Flickr pictures here

    Trip report photos

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