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Thread: Lookin For a New Lake

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    Lookin For a New Lake

    I've got this Saturday off and since Deer Creek is getting a bit on the chilly side, I was looking at launching the boat at somewhere different.

    Yuba would be my first choice, but the ramp is closed and the lake resembles a mud puddle right now. Sad really.

    Pineview is my favorite lake in N. Utah and is high on my list, but I hate that I can't use my state park pass. How busy is Pineview on weekends these days?

    Hyrum is too far.

    Jordanelle is too cold and too busy.

    What about Willard Bay? I've never launched a boat or wakeboarded on it so it is a mystery to me. Does it get pretty scummy during the summer? Anyone know what the current conditions are?

    I've wanted to boat on Echo for many years, but have avoided it because it wasn't a state park and had limited boating info, but now that it's run by the state parks I would love to give it a try. Probably way too cold right now though?

    East Canyon is another one that I've never boated on. Looks like it might be too cold as well, but don't know for sure. I doubt the state parks keep their water temps updated so I really don't know. How busy is it on weekends?

    Any others that I've overlooked?

    We all have wetsuits (canyoneering gear pulling double duty) so water temps not a real big concern, but the warmer the better.

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    You looking to ski or fish?

    What about Porcupine Res and/or Bear Lake?
    It's only "science" if it supports the narrative.

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    I'd say Willard Bay. It is the lowest elevation of any of your choices and not too deep so I would guess the water stays a bit warmer than deeper lakes. I go out there quite a bit but not to boat or fish but it seemed like there was still a fair crowd enjoying it on Sunday.

    East Canyon and Echo are pretty close to the same elevation as Deer Creek.

    I haven't been by Pineview in awhile but it's past Labor Day so I don't think it would be too crowded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockgremlin View Post
    You looking to ski or fish?

    What about Porcupine Res and/or Bear Lake?
    80% Ski/Wakeboard and 20% Fishing.

    I've always wanted to, but never have boated on Bear Lake, but it's just too far for a day trip from Salem. On the short list for next year though.

    I'm definitely not familiar with Porcupine Res. Looks very interesting. That reminded me of Causey Res which I know nothing about either.

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    Causey is wakeless for sure and I think Porcupine is also.

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    I was at Echo last Saturday and it was great. It was 90 degrees during the day and the water was still very warm. Best of all there were only a couple of boats on the lake. The lake level is down a long ways which is typical of Echo every year as the lake is irrigation storage. We all commented about the compete lack of boats. Not sure if it was because of the heavy smoke in the valley or everyone just put their boat away after Labor Day. But as long as the daytime air temps stay high boating should be good.

    FWIW: I always though September was the best month to boat lake Powell. Back when I owned boats we would always go down the third week of September for a week. The water is still bathtub warm, the night are cool enough to make sleeping pleasant, and best of all their are few boats and you have the lake to yourselves. One other cool thing is the lake water turns crystal clear in September allowing you to easily see 50 to 60 feet deep.

    The lakes I used to boat a lot were Lake Powell, Deer Creek, Yuba, Echo and Starvation.

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    Willard Bay isn't as dirty as everybody says. In fact, Pineview has the algae bloom going on right now, so don't go swimming there.

    Willard can have bugs so bring the spray. You'll often get incredible sunsets out there though. Next to Pineview, it's where we go boating most. Just launch from the South Marina if you're just there to boat.

    Willard hardly gets crowded because it's much larger than people realize, it's bigger than most lakes in Northern Utah so you've got a lot of room to boat.

    This was a couple of weeks ago, my boy surfing at Willard.

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    Thanks @Iceaxe for the lowdown on Echo. That one is definitely on the short list.

    I like you list of faves, Starvation is fantastic.

    I would love to squeeze in a trip to Powell, but between Justin playing football for Salem Hills and Brandon running cross country, it just ain't going to year for sure.

    Thanks @Sombeech for the info on Willard Bay. I'm pretty sure that's where we'll be on Saturday.

    Although, the algae bloom at Pineview only lasted a week. They lifted the warning on Sept. 7 according to the Utah DEQ so we might just go there to carve up the wake?

    My list of favorite lakes I've boated on in order:

    1. Lake Powell (no question)
    2. Pineview
    3. Yuba
    4. Red Fleet
    5. Huntington State Park (not the Huntington Res on the Skyline Drive)
    6. Starvation
    7. Flaming Gorge
    8. Deer Creek
    9. Lake Havasu (Boating under The London Bridge is cool)
    10. Hyrum
    11. Utah Lake
    12. Millsite
    13. Jordanelle
    14. Scofield

    My list of lakes I haven't boated on yet:

    1. Sand Hollow
    2. Quail Creek
    3. Echo
    4. Willard Bay
    5. Bear Lake
    6. Lake Mead
    7. East Canyon

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    Willard Bay is sweet! Water clarity is way better than Utah Lake and still relatively warm. Justin and I never put on the wetsuits and were never cold, but Nancy, Brandon and Trevor were very comfortable wearing theirs.

    I was surprised at how big it was...there was room for a lot of boats. By 6pm, most were heading to the docks and left us to enjoy some near glass like conditions til dark.

    Very nice lake...just wish it weren't so far away.

    Justin wakeboarding.

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    Justin wakeboarding.

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    Nancy wakeboarding.

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    Trevor with the moon in the background.

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