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Thread: Pole Canyon Fire

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    So did that White Fir get saved or what?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockgremlin View Post
    So did that White Fir get saved or what?
    Talked to one of the land owners in Loafer Canyon (the one who showed it to us) and he hadn't heard anything yet. But he did say that all of the cabins in the canyon were spared.

    I kinda think it didn't make it. The tree sits in a saddle with tall trees all around it. But, the fire did move through that area during the night, so I'm crossing my fingers that the fire stayed on the ground and just burned the brush around it.

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    Some pics from Friday:

    Ash on boat.

    Name:  Ash on Boat.JPG
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    Name:  Ash on Boat 2.JPG
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    On Friday, the fire was miles away from the Thistle Slide area, but as of Sunday, it had burned that and advanced across Highway 6 (the glow in the 2nd pic is the sunset, not fire).

    Name:  Thistle Slide.jpg
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    Name:  Thistle Slide 2.jpg
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    Friday evening the fire burned across Mt Loafer and looked like it was going to take out the community of Woodland Hills.

    Name:  Woodland Hills Friday.jpg
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    Didn't take any pics on Saturday as I got off work early, hooked up the boat and spent the evening in the fresh air at Deer Creek.

    The air on Sunday morning was remarkable clear as a slight breeze out of the north pushed the smoke south. For some unknown reason, the canyon winds that always blow down Spanish Fork Canyon were not filling the valley with choking smoke. Welcome relief.

    Interesting side note...6000 people evacuated, and no one staying at the Red Cross Shelter. They are all either with friends, family or in travel trailers. I live in wonderful community. Everyone has been so generous.

    Love this pic:

    Name:  Sign on Door for Firefighters.JPG
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    This is the view from the Church parking lot this morning. Notice the trailers of a few evacuees. The High School parking lot is pretty full. Kinda surreal to see people sitting in lawn chairs with their dog under the awning watching the fire burn while walking into church.

    Name:  20180916_122427.jpg
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    Name:  20180916_122432.jpg
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    Just saw this.

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    Hey guys -- !!!

    Don't worry so much about this fire. It will burn itself out any minute now.

    (Sarcasm inserted here because that was the stance the state agencies took in regards to this fire early on -- let it burn. And now look. It's considered the largest and most devastating fire in America right now).
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    Wild fires are a catch 22 situation.... one of the reasons we now have such devastating fires is because we have been fighting them for decades and not letting them burn. The problem with that is we now have decades of fuel load just waiting to burn.... as far as nature and the environment are concerned wild fires are a healthy part of the ecosystem.

    You might be too young to remember but this year marks the 30th anniversary of the epic 1998 Yellowstone Fire, from which we learned a lot.

    1998 Yellowstone Fire

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    Yes I remember those, it was sad and a lot of people thought Yellowstone was gone forever, never to be beautiful again. But us humans tend to forget how these devastating fires are a healthy part of the ecosystem.

    The smoke also does much more to the atmosphere than cow farts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sombeech View Post
    The smoke also does much more to the atmosphere than cow farts.

    Some say that is debatable. In theory, forest fires are considered to be "neutral," since whatever carbon that is released into the atmosphere in the form of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide were locked up back in the growth phase of the plant.

    Plant removes carbon from the atmosphere upon growth. Plant releases carbon into the atmosphere when burned. (-1) + 1 = 0
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    The fire jumped Highway 6 yesterday and is now taking out Diamond Fork.
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    A total of 86,739 acres have been burned so far, with only 2% containment. This behemoth could likely destroy well over 100,000 acres.


    (Sung to the tune of Let it Snow....)
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    They worked on this all day and its still slowly marching down the hill. They do have a 60' fire line between it and the backyards. Reports say that the fire is less than a 1000 feet away from houses. Hope the winds behave.

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    ^^^Turn on the sprinklers!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockgremlin View Post
    ^^^Turn on the sprinklers!!
    I think I'd run a hose to my roof and connect a few sprinklers there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstone Addiction View Post
    Just saw this on Twitter.

    Name:  Home in Woodland Hills.JPG
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    Wood siding, Asphalt shingles and trees next to the house. What could possibly go wrong?

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    "Confine and contain"

    That's code for "we're not doing anything" Just curious...does "monitoring" mean they just ignore it until it's raging out of control and threatening homes? Or are they actually actively doing something?

    I'm curious how many taxpayer dollars were spent fighting this fire?
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