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Thread: Pole Canyon Fire

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    It looks like "The Big Tree", the largest white fir in North America has been burned and now dead.

    Such a shame. Stood majestically for hundreds of years (probably at least 300) and in a matter of minutes it's gone.

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    ^^^ This pisses me off. And I was going to curse out the lazy firefighters again, but I had an epiphany. This wasn't the fault of the firefighters.

    This is Trump's fault....for not signing the Paris accord. Alas yet another tragedy we can lay at the feet of Trump.

    Thanks for the update...even though it's not good news.

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    that's very sad

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    Bummer, although with something that big you must wonder if there's some part of the huge root system that survived.

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    It'll survive if the area is left alone now.

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    Source? Where'd that photo come from?
    Are we there yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tallsteve View Post
    Source? Where'd that photo come from?

    The father of the kid in the pic with the dirt bikes posted it on facebook.

    I assume he took it, but don't know for sure. If I can find out I'll let you know.

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