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Thread: Zion suggestions for October 17-19

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    Zion suggestions for October 17-19

    I have a friend visiting from the UK in October and the current plan is to meet up in Zion to run canyons on the 17th, 18th and 19th. I've been to Zion several times but never in Oct, this is the first year where I can get away from work during that time - Whoo Hoo!

    I am familiar with Zion canyons but not sure when the water filled beauties become stingy cold and less pleasant. So -- I am looking for recommendations of which canyons to put on the A list with warmer days and which canyons to put on the B list if the temps plunge below the norms. We will have plenty of wet suit. I've done most (but not all) of these canyons before. Here's what I was thinking -- feel free to post up suggestions:

    A List:
    Pine Creek / Keyhole
    Fat Man's

    B Colder List:
    Lodge Canyon

    Also, I've never done Elgelstead/Orderville. Not sure if that has more or less water than Fat Man?

    Thanks Crew!!


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    Lodge?!? There is a reason no one does Lodge until after they have done everything else, and that's because there are much better routes.

    A mediocre wetsuit should be just fine in most of the Zion Canyons until the end of October.

    I would concentrate on doing the classic routes that you have not done before doing the obscure routes like Lodge. The classics are classic because they are some of the best routes and offer the biggest bang for the buck.

    Subway and Orderville are both awesome in October with the leaves changing color. I always add Das Boot to any Subway trip as it only adds about one hour but triples the fun factor.

    Mystery and Echo should also be high on your to-do list. I personally don't care for Behunin as it's boring to me (read not a slot canyon). And Spry is also not real high on my list. Both Behunin and Spry are more about rappels then slots so if that's your thing you might enjoy them more than I.

    Yankee Doodle is a fun canyon and is always a good one to have in reserve as no permits are required, it can be dry or have some deep wading, it just depends.

    Englestead with an Orderville Exit is an awesome route, but the big wall entrance makes it a big step up skill wise from the other slots you have listed.

    Anyhoo.... I hope that helps.

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    October might be the best time of year to knock out Fat Man's because that death march back to your car once you exit the canyon will be done in cooler weather. That slog is miserable during the hotter months of the summer!

    I too would highly endorse the Das Boot-Subway combo meal. Great time of year with the cooler temps, changing leaves, and decreased tourism crowds.
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