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Thread: Granaries in Fiftymile Mountain...

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    Granaries in Fiftymile Mountain...

    Hey gang,

    Long-time lurker; first-time poster.

    I'm asking about the hard-to-reach set of granaries that Kelsey calls "rim ruins" or some such. The ones that face toward the Escalante drainage. I'm not asking how to get to them; I know how to get to them. I went this past weekend, but I chickened out at the belly-wiggle. I've visited kivas in Fish Creek Canyon with less treacherous approaches than that!

    Anyway I'm wondering if anyone has actually visited them, and if so: what do they look like? Can I seem some photos? Are they worth making another effort with a friend along for help, or just skip it?

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    Kelsey Non-Technical Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado. Plateau 6th. ed.; page 264 to be exact, they look nice from the photos - but not unique. Getting to things like these is more than half the joy in the trip.

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