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Thread: If you lost a GPS...

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    If you lost a GPS...

    If you lost a GPS in West shillelagh I know where it is...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    If you lost a GPS in West shillelagh I know where it is...
    Nope - not mine - I lost my eTrex20 in Snake Gulch when we sat down fro lunch - its fancy OEM belt clip decided to detach itself from my belt. Really soured me on Garmin dedicated GPS nits.

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    I love my Garmin eTrex as they are indestructible. I lost mine swimming through the Black Hole. I posted about it in one of the Canyoneering Forums and two years later I get an email from someone telling me they found it and asking if I want it back. Upon return I pulled the old batteries, cleaned a bunch of mud out of the battery compartment turned it on and everything worked perfectly, I could even download my Track from two years ago. It was pretty beat up as it was found about two miles below where I lost it so it had obviously been washed down with a flash flood, but I still use that GPS to this day.

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    Cool story...all i did was leave the batteries in my newish Garmin Oregon 650 and after they leaked, it never turned on again.

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