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Thread: TR Bridalveil Falls, Provo Canyon Aug 31, 2018

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    TR Bridalveil Falls, Provo Canyon Aug 31, 2018

    A Knot Descent

    PROVO CANYON, Utah, Aug. 31, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — A man using climbing gear at Utah County’s Bridal Veil Falls found himself high but not dry when his “ropes” knotted, leaving him suspended in the water of the tourist attraction.
    “Bridal Veil Falls to start the holiday weekend,” said a tweet from Utah County Sheriff spokesman Sgt Spencer Cannon. It was posted at about 11 a.m. Friday.

    “(A) 22 year old Orem man did ‘knot’ have a good experience. He hung in the water for nearly an hour because of the rope malfunction. SAR & North Fork FD bringing him down now.”

    “Utah County Sheriff’s Office SAR and North Fork FD after victim was off the falls,” Cannon captioned a photo. “Hypothermia can be deadly, but the recovery can also be speedy.”The man was rescued and safe about an hour later.

    Cannon also posted photo of the twisted twine that caused the whole problem.
    “And this is the ‘knot’ that caused the problem,” he wrote, seeming to enjoy the concept of “tying a knot” at a water fall named for a bridal veil.

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    "Rope Malfunction" - uh, not really.


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    The plot thickens...

    PROVO CANYON — A BYU student who decided to spend Friday rappelling at Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon instead spent his morning rescuing another rappeller.
    Zander Smith arrived at the base of the waterfall about 9 a.m. when a group of men standing underneath a rope called him over and pointed out a rappeller who appeared to be stuck more than 80 feet up the mountain with his rope tied in a knot, he said.
    “At that point, I could tell he was doing OK, but I could tell he was scared. He was nervous. So I grabbed my harness, helmet and rope,” Smith said.
    Smith quickly ran up to the top of the falls while the others called emergency crews. When he reached the top, he attached his own rope and began to lower himself down — though it was difficult to see where he was going because of the overhangs, he said.

    more at

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    Beat me to it. A person on a hiking club for salt lake posted some pics of lifeflight near the falls. My one thought was - rappellers!

    Sure enough...

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    Sounds like they need training and one of these:
    Life is Good

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    I hear about stuff like this and I can't help but see some stupid caveman getting his ass stomped by a Wooly Mammoth because he got way to close. Natural selection, ya know?

    But then again, I've done some really stupid things myself. I've been lucky. So was this guy.
    Hey, hey, hey, hey! It was the DNA
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