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Thread: TR - Eyrie Peak

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    TR - Eyrie Peak

    Loaded up the fam and the dog and tackled Eyrie Peak over the weekend. This hike is extremely popular with folks who like to roll instead of walk. We counted 2 hikers, 6 mountain bikers, and 12 motorcycles. Could have done without the exhaust in our face every 30 minutes or so, but oh well -- at the very least the motorcycle dudes were polite and courteous.

    Eyrie Peak is one of the more prominent peaks on the way to Lewis Peak along the South Skyline Trail, and it's actually over 100' higher in elevation than Lewis Peak. The views from the top were extraordinary. Unfortunately still smokey in all directions, but still well worth the hike. You will need a LOT of water on this hike since once you emerge out of the switchbacks, you're in pretty much full sun on exposed ridges for the rest of the way. Plus there's a constant breeze at the top.

    Enjoy the pics:

    Name:  20180825_141049.jpg
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    Just barely out of the switchbacks, overlooking Eden and the North Skyline Trail.

    Name:  20180825_143522.jpg
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    Trail sign. Lewis Peak on the left.

    Name:  20180825_164630.jpg
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    Typical view along the ridgetop. Mount Ogden is in the distance at center, and Eyrie Peak is just right of center.

    Name:  20180825_151001.jpg
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    Name:  20180825_160654.jpg
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    Atop Eyrie Peak, overlooking Pineview Reservoir.

    Name:  20180825_160605.jpg
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    Overlooking Pineview

    Name:  20180825_160913.jpg
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    Overlooking North Ogden and Ben Lomond Peak.
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