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Thread: Speedweek 2018

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    Records are going to tumble during World Finals. The salt is rock hard and they were able to back the starting line up one mile. They now have over 9+ miles of race track.

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    There was a total of 112 runs today and the magical 500 mph barrier was broken! Vesco’s exit speed was 503 and they are in impound, they must back up their record in the morning.

    There were four runs over 400 mph today, no incidents and impound is filled up. Racing will resume in the morning.

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    Racing is finished for the year on the Salt Flats. Unfortunately a large number of vehicles were in impound when the rains came and will not have the opportunity to backup their record attempts. I just hope we don't have to wait another 20 years for such perfect salt conditions.

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    Good to see the Vesco boys are still racing.

    503 mph! That's incredible.

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    I finally got the low down one the one major accident at this year's Speedweek. The Flashpoint Streamliner was making a return record run in excess of 400 mph when the left rear tire was cut by a loose body panel. The car crashed for over a mile and flipped approximately 6-8 times. Driver walked away with no injuries, and drove himself to the hospital to get checked out. He was never admitted and left the same day. The driver/owner is in the process of building a new car.

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