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Thread: Introducing the CRAZY OLD MAN

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    Introducing the CRAZY OLD MAN

    Hi, My name is Harold. I am the CRAZY OLD MAN. I am 75 years old. I am a retired Park Ranger (San Diego County, CA.). While I was working for the San Diego County of San Diego I wrote and essay titled THE EL MONTE PARK HISTORY". The foregoing essay took 13 months of research to produce a 13 page essay. Years later, J.R. Estrada, . Supervising Ranger gave me permission to convert an abandoned pump house building (8'x16') into a park museum based on the essay, "THE EL MONTE PARK HISTORY". The name of the museum is "THE EL MONTE OAKS MUESUM" (El Monte Park is a natural oak grove). Do the limited amount of space for display in the museum, I though that the story of El Monte 'Park's history could be told with murals. I got lucky and found Mona Mills, Artist/Muralist. A year or so later the museum was completed.

    In addition while I was working as a Park Ranger, I was introduced to my first viewing of Native American rock art. This occurred when I was taking a one day field trip with a class titled "INDIANS of the DESERT". (Anza-Borrego Desert, CA,). When the group arrived at the pictograph site the instructor started explaining the pictograph's meaning. First she said it one of symbols was a fertility symbol. I didn't know anything, so I keep my mouth shut. Who was I to say anything. Next, she said the pictograph was spiritual. Again, I was silent. Then, a wise guy shout out IT'S GRAFFITI! For a moment.(in my mind) I was alone with the alone with the rock art. Then I blurted "IT;S A MAP:! The group started to laugh and laughed at for the next 2 hours when the class ended. When the class returned the next day for "PIONEEERS of the DESERT" , the class laughed at me for another 8 hours. I never wanted hear anything about Native American rock again!

    Years later, I was taking an articles writing class a Grossmont College. As with all creative writing class if turned in your three assignments you got your "A". I only had the last assignment to do when I got "WRITER'S BLOCK". I was stuck, I could not think what write about! Then I said I'll write about that pictograph in the desert. I did and titled the article "THE STONE SPOKE". I got my "A"!

    This was my beginning writing suppositional interpretations of Native American rock art and related subjects. I self-published the following books. "THE STONE SPOKE" ( . "CRAZY OLD MAN" (Out Skirts Press), "THE LOST DUTCHMEN MINE" (Out Skirts Press). Thank you for listening this CRAZY OLD MAN rattle on. Harold

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  3. #2 least when you're on the way out you can say you left a bit of a mark, eh?
    The future's uncertain and the end is always near.

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