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Thread: Urban Meyer & Ohio State

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    Urban Meyer & Ohio State

    Interesting plot twist...

    Report: Mothers of both Zach and Courtney Smith claim ex-OSU assistant is victim of retaliatory plot by ex-wife


    Mothers of Zach and Courtney Smith claim abuse allegations part of planned revenge
    Bruce claimed Courtney Smith told her of the plan multiple times since 2013, when Courtney reportedly learned of her ex-husband’s infidelity.

    “She told me that not one time, but in fact she said it several times over the years,” Bruce said.

    She was driven by revenge when she found out her husband had cheated on her, Bruce said.

    “When she found out five years ago that Zach had cheated on her, she was so angry that she vowed to me she would get back at him someday. And she said she would take Urban down, too,” she said. “And this is exactly what she did. She wanted to do as much damage as possible.

    “She has been planning this for some time.”

    Carano, who Snook said has become estranged from her daughter over the issue, apparently only texted with the reporter, but reportedly said that she does not believe Smith’s alleged domestic abuse was intentional. She also confirmed she heard her daughter say she would “take Zach down.”

    When asked if she believed her daughter’s claims of physical abuse, she replied, “I believe that Zach was removing himself from an argument and I do not believe he intentionally abused her. I do not believe he actually intentionally swung or punched her … no.”

    As far as ever hearing her daughter say she would “take Zach down,” she replied, “Yes.”

    And when Meyer’s name was mentioned, she added, “I cannot quote her exact words as I don’t remember them word for word, but something to that extent. This is my daughter and I love her but I do not approve of what she has done and how it was done.”

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    This is the most poorly written article I've ever seen. I'm just as confused now as ever.
    Where you are....Is not who you are.


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    Urban Meyer & Ohio State

    Well its all quotes from the moms via text message and Facebook. 2018 journalism....

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    This will be interesting. If the cops knew and she had a chance to file charges on her husband like 6 times or something and didn’t. Was Meyer supposed to put on a uniform and throw him in jail?

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    Trial and conviction through insinuation... is the new normal.

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