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Thread: North Wash combo five canyons one day!

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    North Wash combo five canyons one day!

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    Looking for a possible partner for my north wash combo that i really want to do if interested lets chat and maybe we can make it happen! Gonna be a Big Day!

    No Kidding
    Foolin Around
    Middle Lep

    I like these choices cause i feel like all these canyons cover most of the slot Canyoneering Disciplines and all five canyons are classic.

    No Monkey Business
    Angus Wiessner

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    So I reckon you're a badass, eh? Doing all this sounds pretty brutal...Sandthrax first or last?

    Most of my friends are pretty sturdy, but just doing Mid Lep and another one usually fills out a day. Is this like a repeat of what the Dark Horse guys do?...the race.

    Have you done this yet?
    "I am Spartacus!"

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    Look at this guy....first post outta the gate and he's asking for partners to do Sandthrax + 4 more in less than 24. He's even uploaded a pretty cool avatar. I don't know how many takers you'll have for this trip, but I'd sure like to see the resulting TR.

    Just looking at your map, it seems like Sandthrax is so out of the way of the other canyons. You could "cheat" and drop Sandthrax and add Monkey Business and still get 5 canyons done in a day.
    <----I'm with Spartacus

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    But he is called "Canyon Man". He must be RAD!

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    If he is the legendary "Canyon Man" of the infamous Subway rescue of 2011 then this is just a warm up trip. He'll probably do the routes without a rope and 30 pounds of sand in his pack just for giggles.

    Escaping The Subway

    or the YouTube version for those to lazy to read....

    For whatever it's worth... that video has over 230k views....

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    Everybody knows who the REAL Canyon Man is....don't make me bust out the photos...
    <----I'm with Spartacus

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    Sandthrax last would be more my style But Iím flexible either way
    Angus Wiessner

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    I Angus Wiessner is Canyon Man
    Angus Wiessner

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    I would Drive from Sandthrax to the other canyons but the rest I would walk between. And the way I have it planned it would be not that much walking more canyoning than walking.

    Aaron smith and I did all five Egypt canyons in 17 hour day and I feel like this would be A little easier or about the same size day.
    Angus Wiessner

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    I have no idea about this dark horse race you Speak of
    Angus Wiessner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canyon Man View Post
    I have no idea about this dark horse race you Speak of
    It's DarkHorse Leadership and Retreats...look it up. They host the Zion Rendezvous and also a marathon type race in the canyons. They had one down there back in April/May?...anyway, check it out and you can make friends there that like to run around all day like you do.
    "I am Spartacus!"

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    Wish I could say this was a troll but he is unfortunately serious. During the Egypt combo(1-5) he wanted to add bobo past midnight while finishing up but that request was denied.

    Dark horse is a cool idea but trying to get canyoneers to pay for things that are free is the largest hurdle for this event. Anyways....

    I'm your huckleberry CanyonMan

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    I figured he was legit. I suggest the DarkHorse race because he'll meet people that are all jacked up like he is. He came in looking for partners, after all.

    BTW, awesome trip report you linked there.
    "I am Spartacus!"

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