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Thread: laptop recommendations

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    Quote Originally Posted by stefan View Post
    how is this video helpful to folks like scott card?
    It probably isnít. Just thought it was somewhat relevant to the topic since it veered toward the old PC vs Mac thing. Thatís all.

    Keep in in mind I use an iPhone and an iPad and we have a MacBook Air at home too. Theyíre fine pieces of hardware. I also use PCs for work and everything else. I like them too. I can guarantee you that itíll be easier for me to get one of my PCs fixed than one of my Apple products.

    Come to to think of it, thatís what makes the video relevant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca View Post

    Does this happen often on Apple products? Never seen it on any of my PCs...

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    It does happen on Apple computers. It's just a different screen of death (it's not blue). It's just a fun little joke, that's all.

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    Famous blue screen moment...

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