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Thread: Horsetail Falls Alpine, Utah

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    Horsetail Falls Alpine, Utah

    On Friday weName:  Horsetail falls 2.jpg
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Size:  99.5 KB got up to Horsetail Falls in Alpine, Utah. This is one of our favorite hikes for if you hike on the South side of the river, you get amazing views of this beautiful river every few feet. It is amazing. This hike though baffles us, for I have hiked this falls 4 different times, and each time I am trying so carefully to follow the Cairns, but each time I end up really struggling to get a view of the falls, and each year I get a totally different view of a falls that looks totally different. I finally had to look up this falls on Google Maps and realized that horsetail falls is not a single falls, but 3 separate and unique falls back to back. I had no idea. Check out my blog and see all the 4 different view points I have caught of this Amazingly beautiful Waterfall. HAPPY HIKING!
    Happy Hiking

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