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Thread: Russell Gulch and The Subway 07/01/2018

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    Russell Gulch and The Subway 07/01/2018

    Got a chance to do the Subway in Zion NP when a co-worker's lottery entry hit the jackpot. We upped the trip a notch and grabbed a permit for the canyoneering section of Russell Gulch.

    Russell and the Subway had just enough cold water to make it really fun.

    Russell Gulch is in fine shape, all three rappels are a hoot.

    Subway is looking fine, still a little sand in places and the rock and log debris jam below the bowling ball is disappointing, but the place is amazing with it's colors, shapes, twists, drops, rocks, plants and water all blended into a tapestry of sights.

    Thanks to Christian, Thomas, Mark, Jeremy and Lorin for a great time and great pictures

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    Looks like a good trip! I was there in mid-March this year and looks like the sand conditions haven't changed too much since then.

    Just curious - how deep was R2 for RG?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jman View Post
    Looks like a good trip! I was there in mid-March this year and looks like the sand conditions haven't changed too much since then.

    Just curious - how deep was R2 for RG?
    Thanks it was a great trip. The water at R2 in RG was about chest deep at the rappel point.
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    -Borrowed from a bumper sticker I believe

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    Very nice. I'll be out there in Sept. for the Rendezvous. Looking forward to it.
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