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Thread: Pine creek Zion 6/30, getting to trailhead

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    Pine creek Zion 6/30, getting to trailhead

    Hey folks, my sister and have permits for this Sat, for pine creek. And I was wondering if y'all might have some advice / help for getting to the drop in from where we leave our car at the second switchback. I was going to try to hitchhike through the tunnel but if I can share some beer and a car with some one to get us there I'd much prefer it.

    Any thoughts ?

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    Hitching for Pine Creek is usually pretty easy. Usually done AFTER the canyon. Locals know the gig and will pick you up. Many tourists will stop for pictures, and you can ask... "could you give me a ride to the other side of the tunnel?"

    Hitching in the Park is perfectly legal.


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    Indeed, like Tom says...just stick out your thumb after the hike. I've done it many times and always get a ride within minutes. You can make a little sign that says "tunnel".
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