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Thread: Arch Nemesis - Capitiol Reef NP 06/03/2018

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    Arch Nemesis - Capitiol Reef NP 06/03/2018

    Arch Nemesis, Capitol Reef National Park 06/03/2018

    This is an amazing and very entertaining canyon in Capitol Reef NP. The views and geologic formations are like everything else in CR - incredible. The climb up has great views along the way and the canyon has a lot of fun challenges.

    We left Salt Lake around 4:00am Sunday, in the canyon by 9:30am, ate pizza in Torey by 4:30pm and home by 9:00pm.

    On the underside of one of the arches that is located in the lower section of the canyon, there is a 10 inch long, noticable rope groove. I am assuming it was from a long rope pull from a rappel rope setup that spanned the several short drops in that section of the canyon. With proper rope placement and rope management or, the use of additional rappels and or downclimbs at the shorter drops, I think this rope groove should have been avoidable.

    Thanks to my canyoneering partners Jessica, Alijeh, Carl, Jeremy for a great time and great photos

    More photos here

    Favourite pictures

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