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Thread: West Canyon quicksand & anyone want to go to lower West, Face & Labyrinth August?

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    West Canyon quicksand & anyone want to go to lower West, Face & Labyrinth August?

    Hi, anyone have knowledge of hiking West Canyon in LATE AUGUST up to the first Narrows and perhaps 30 minutes further specifically over quicksand difficulty as I've heard very differing reports?

    And if anyone wants to hike this and up a shortish east fork that dead ends plus FACE & LABYRINTH & FAT MAN's SQUEEZE nearby, which probably need a good boater/kayaks on board/swimming at the ends of the narrowing channels, please contact me. (we may do the Reflection Canyon viewpoint if any of above is weathered off)
    A photographer put this out elsewhere & we got about 8 maybes (2 definite) so when it gets to committals soon I'm not sure how many there would be. We'd be splitting a rental boat (except for any pilot willing to stay on the boat if hikers did Reflection - he/she would probably go free).
    (Even better if anyone has a boat, I'm sure the group would pay all the boat provider's costs getting it to the lake, gas, food plus probably a generous tip for a better-than-free trip)

    I hiked West all through in Spring & it's marvellous, but had camera disaster issues so as something else on my vacation has fallen through I wouldn't mind returning maybe with my daughter to those very nice Narrows that are only about an hour from the lake & maybe a bit further in a half/three-quarter day hike. The dates would be 2 or 3 days between Aug 21 & 24. If interested best to email me on rosskaniuk at so the same discussion can be shared by those interested. the at being an @ in the email.

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