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Thread: Wet canyons decent compact cameras recommended - waterproof v protected non-waterproo

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    Wet canyons decent compact cameras recommended - waterproof v protected non-waterproo

    Ive posted this on canyoneering as well as photography as really it only affects wet canyoneers.
    Im fed up missing good shots because it means taking my good DSLR, or even my compact Panasonic point & shoot, out of & back in to drybags, but wouldnt mind a good quality small under $850 camera still rather than using a phone in wet /sandy/muddy canyons.
    Looking for recommendations. Reviews say for a waterproof camera which would save me the drybagging the Olympus range, now at TG-5 is the best. Its around $525, but Im wondering how much of that price is for water/dustproofing the body at the expense of quality of photos. Ie for $525 is a non-waterproof compact point & shoot a much better image quality camera?
    I have a small pelican box that holds & protects a small non-waterproof point & shoot, so if dollar for dollar non-waterproofs take much better photos than waterproofs, the box is less time-consuming than drybags so perhaps I should buy a recommended non-waterproof & just put up with a bit of inconvenience. So whatever I get has to fit in the small pelican box to clip on my chest straps.

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    This has been years ago, maybe 8, but I had a decent waterproof point and shoot camera, Pentax? I'm sure they've come miles since then, Olympus had one too. You're just limited on the zoom because they try not to have moving parts.

    It sure made it easy to not worry about packing it up every time the fear of water came around. That would prevent a lot of great shots for sure. Even if you are willing to go through the unpacking ritual, you start noticing your friends getting a little impatient.

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    Olympus TG-5 is best reviewer (I would really like one - but its $$$). I have a several years old Panasonic Lumix (DMC-TS25) - but I do not like its image quality.

    My best ever waterproof camera was a 35mm (film) Canon A10 - bulletproof fur over a decade. Very few places for water to get into it) My digital Canon A10 was fine as a splash and sand resistant camera until I took it to the beach snorkelling - grrr - salt water entered and that was the end of it.

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    Olympus TG5. I just upgraded from a TG4 which is also a good option, but they are about the same cost as a TG5.

    $399 with free shipping on amazon right now

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