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Thread: Anything to do near Moonshine Wash?

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    Anything to do near Moonshine Wash?

    Anyone have any suggestions for hikes in the Moonshine Wash area? Right now my best idea is to go some place else (Swell, Moab, Capital Reef) and hit Moonshine on the way back but I thought I'd see if you guys
    had any suggestions for what to do closer by.

    Also, I see pictures of people going to the sheep bridge but none of people crossing it. Is it unusable?

    Thank you.
    "My heart shall cry out for Moab..." Isaiah 15:5

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    Horseshoe Canyon and the Great Gallery pair great with Moonshine Wash. They are next door neighbors.

    And no way in hell am I walking across the sheep bridge. YMMV

    Moonshine Wash

    Grassy Knoll rock art and ruin also works

    Nefertiti Petroglyphs would also work

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    Bruh. I know this dude who has spent a lot of time in the San Rafael Desert and even has a blog that talks about it.

    Chaffin Ranch Geyser.

    Hike the upper Three Canyon narrows. Not super exciting compared to other nearby slots (like LWH), but pretty good for the nearby boring desert.

    Hike to the Cone west of Gruver's Mesa. Might see an arrowhead or two nearby.

    All the forks of upper Keg Spring Canyon are nice. There are some sheep trails that enter the canyons and get you into the deeper parts of the canyon.

    Colonnade Arch. This is a must-see if you're already that close to Moonshine.

    Fossil Point. Huge dinosaur bone fossils if you come in from Green River.

    Hike the Bull Bottom stock trail down to the Green River. You might see some petroglyphs.

    Mountain bike the Saucer Basin slickrock.

    The sand dunes near the head of Middle Canyon can be fun.

    I know you're a geocacher, so check out the nearby caches.
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