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Thread: Mtn. Biking Owie

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    Mtn. Biking Owie

    My daughter tried mtn. biking Saturday. Some trail in the mountains above Redlands, CA. She crashed and ended up gashed from the front chainring, which required 9 stitches. I told her it's a chainring tattoo and badge of honor! It was her last day date outing with her boyfriend before leaving for a 6 week med school rotation in Houston. She still made her flight yesterday although she said she's still quite sore!

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    OUCH!!! Good that she's ok though

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    just needs a disc brake brand for the other leg...

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    Pssf... Noob....

    It took 30 something stitches to close up my chain ring tattoo. It's really a wicked looking scar. Funny thing is I get strangers asking about it all the time and my standard reply is "shark attack". Folks just get this weird look on their face and walk away.

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    Yikes! That is just plain nasty looking!
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