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Thread: Solar Panels...Yes or No

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    Solar Panels...Yes or No

    Iíve always said no, but some people are big believers.

    Do you have them? Plan on getting them?

    I had a Tesla salesman approach me while I was shopping at Home Depot. He had a Tesla shirt on and maybe they have an agreement to approach people in the store? He asked me if I wanted to see if my house qualified. I said no two or three times before he got the hint.

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    I live in the UK (we're short of land here for our population) and now solar farms are popping up everywhere. No crops (let's import those, yeh ); just generate as much inefficient energy to satisfy the green lobby. The sun shines about one day a year

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    Solar Panels...Yes or No

    $7,000 over 20 years... $350 year.

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    they are great if you have a high electric bill (we have an electric hot tub, and Calif. has a punitive tiered billing rate scale. We used Solar City, no hassle, got the panels where we wanted them, facing the clear afternoon skies, not the facing overcast morning sky. Solar City replaced the inverter at no cost to us after 3 years (it failed).

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