It has officially begun! The first trails up in the Snowbasin area have become ride-able, starting from the lower snowbasin parking lot, head up to Sardine Peak via the Ogden Overlook trail, but skip the outlook because it's not ready yet.

I went on a solo ride last night, which is usually great for my soul except when I'm freaking myself out about Sasquatch. I had the ENTIRE MOUNTAIN to myself, which is cool but can potentially be dangerous. So of course every dark shape was Sammy Sasquatch waiting to grab my Beef Jerky. Anyhoo this is one of the best trail systems in the greater Ogden area. Oh by the way, Wheeler Canyon as been open for a couple of weeks already.

I've got a bunch of photos here that I'm too lazy to post right now, Google Photos:

Here are some video clips from both my drone and then the GoPro. I'll keep adding to this thread throughout the year, y'all are welcome to add to it as well with your rides from this area.