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Thread: East Fork Leprechaun

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    East Fork Leprechaun

    Has anyone been in there recently? I'm hoping to to get out there next weekend. No rain in the forecast right now, so I'm hoping its dry. Thanks.


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    It may be busy this weekend as there is a rendezvous in the North Wash. The rendezvous itself will be centered in Hanksville but multiple groups will be heading out all around there and I am sure East Lep will be heavily traveled as it is a good one for new folks.
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    Thanks Scott, I'll actually be out there next weekend, the 28th, so I'll avoid the rendezvous which will be nice. I'm sure I can also get a good report on water with many groups in the area this upcoming weekend.

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    After the rendezvous out there this past weekend, does anyone have current conditions on water in the canyon? Thanks,


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