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Thread: Ticaboo Mesa Canyon Partners

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    Ticaboo Mesa Canyon Partners

    I'm looking for some experienced canyoneering partners, since every time I go with someone enough to make them experienced, they get married or quit canyoneering.

    Particularly, I'd like to go do some of the Ticaboo Mesa canyons.

    My schedule is pretty flexible. Thanks.

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    I'm pretty booked on canyons for the next 6 weeks, but there are a ton on the ticaboo mesa I want to do! Any specific canyons in your scope?
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    Start with the "easier" ones, and go from there!

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    I'm looking at going Thursday evening, April 19th, and returning Saturday night April 21st. I'm located in Salt Lake. Anyone want to join?

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    Wish I could, I already have some canyons committed for that weekend. If you don't get a response you could try one of the Facebook groups (ACA Canyoneering Utah, or Utah Canyoneers) there are almost always people wanting to go. I would make sure to specify how much experience you want group members to have. Lots of beginners out there who are looking for experienced people to go with because they do not have experienced friends already.

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    This whole week/weekend looks like amazing weather for canyoneering. Anyone want to get out to Ticaboo (or somewhere else)?

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    So, resurrecting this thread, I'm interested in what people think are important factors in finding new canyon partners. Obviously experience level is probably the most important. But I would also say things like:

    How early you get up to start canyoneering
    How fast do you hike/canyoneer
    Do you try to get an extra canyon in before the end of the day, or do you relax at camp or head home early
    Where you live/driving
    General temperament/personality
    Do you canyoneer on Sundays (kind of lame, I know, but definitely a factor here in Utah)

    What do you guys think are other factors?

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    I've met and made friends with quite a few awesome people who share my outdoor interests...I've also met a few weirdos.

    I would imagine that some consider me a weirdo as well...but that's OK, because you can't please everyone. Also, I learned a long time ago that if you expect others to do what you would do, you're going to be sorely disappointed. Some however, just roll perfect...Anthony Dye, for example. That dude is on it, all the time.

    It's a crap just have to hang with folks to see how you and they mesh. The "vetting" process, for all involved, seems to happen quite, two or three trips is all it takes.

    I'm self employed, so I can take time off when I wish (to a point) and as a result I end up doing lots of stuff alone or being out for a couple weeks and only spending a few days of that with friends because they have kids, jobs, obligations, looks like you have lots of extra time on your hands as well.

    I've noticed that people tend to hang with folks that move at the same speed they do. Birds of a feather, ya know?
    So appealing, yet so repulsive at the same time.

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    For about 20 years I was a major canyon slut and would do it with anyone.

    I met a lot of really great and interesting people, along with a couple of major asshats.

    I always found the easiest way to meet partners was just post an ad on Bogley and spell out what I was looking for, which you could say is kinda like the Tinder of canyoneering.

    Of course my canyoneering skills, much like my love making skills, are God like so experiance in a partner was never a major concern. So long as they were willing and physically able we were good to go.

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    My most important quailifiers are

    1: good physical shape, not just strong or agile but having good endurance. It can be dangerous to a team to have someone bonking when you are only half way through a canyon.

    2: good personality. Easy going, good natured, optimistic, friendly.

    Anything else I can usually work around. I can't think of anytime I've had a bad canyon experience with someone that had those two qualities. Skill, judgement, technique, can all be taught as you go, so long as you pick appropriate canyons for your group members.

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    I'm definitely an early riser and canyoneer all day, and I go fast. I've rarely been in a canyon that I felt was getting above my head. It's tough to find people are like that, and have enough experience that you'd trust them. I'd like to think I'm pretty easy going too, but I can't hardly stand sitting around camp until 9 while people wake up and get ready. I'm kind of also tired of having to be the most experienced, and having to be the canyon leader. It makes setting your eyes on canyons like Holy Cow or No Kidding or Baker or Smiling Cricket a lot tougher, both in terms of logistics and safety. Definitely not impossible, but tougher.

    Anyway, if anyone needs an experienced and strong canyoneer in their group, that hikes fast and rises early and likes to go all day, let me know. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twotimer View Post
    it looks like you have lots of extra time on your hands as well.
    I work, but I've got tons of PTO built up.

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    qedcook...attend the Zion Rendezvous. That right there is the ticket to making canyoneering friends and becoming familiar with others. Canyoneering is ALL that happens there.

    Seriously, sign up for that thing and go.
    So appealing, yet so repulsive at the same time.

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    @qedcook I've done smiling cricket and no kidding but have not yet done Baker or Holy Cow. Let's make some plans

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