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Thread: March Madness 2018

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    March Madness 2018

    It's that time of year again...

    Sooooo....USC (23-11) doesn't get an invite, but Arizona State (20-11) gets an 11-seed, and UCLA (21-11) also gets an 11-seed...wut???!!!

    USC should absolutely be in the tournament. If crappy UCLA and Arizona State got in as 11-seeds, why the hell wouldn't USC be considered, especially since their record is almost identical to UCLA and Az State?

    Granted, UCLA and Az State didn't didn't get an outright bid -- they'll have to win their games this week (which honestly I don't think Az State will do -- I think Syracuse will beat them), but still...something ain't right here.

    Oh yeah, and let's not forget Utah beat #21 Arizona State in Tempe back in January. And they also beat UCLA just a few weeks ago...just sayin.'

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    Is become just as political as the cfp. The best teams don't always get in. Some for usc they spittle be in.

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    Rumor has it that USC, Louisville and Oklahoma St. were denied because of pending FBI investigations, but that doesn't make sense because that would have included Arizona as well.

    USC just didn't have enough quality wins (except for the ones against Utah, of course ). Arizona St. beat Xavier and Kansas (both #1's in the tourney) in the preseason--good enough.

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    Here's my main bracket, I never do very well though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstone Addiction View Post
    Here's my main bracket, I never do very well though...

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    ^^^Mine looks similar, but I have Gonzaga choking in the Sweet 16, and Villanova choking in the Elite 8. I picked Wichita State to go to the Final 4, and Virginia going all the way.

    Gonzaga chokes every year, despite expectations. And 'Nova isn't really there quite yet.
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    UCLA is out!

    USC barely hangs on to beat UNC-Ashville in double OT.

    "Conference of Champions"??? Yeah, right...

    Embarrassing for the PAC-12.

    I'll take back what I've been saying about the selection committees.

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    OK I'll say it....ever since the Utes left the Mtn West, I've been a big fan of the Pac-12.

    But let's get real...the Pac-12 is weak. And they've been noticeably weaker compared to other power conferences for a little while now. Not sure why.

    I'm confident that the Sun Devils will also get bumped by Syracuse today. They're way overrated this year.
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    Well it looks like overrated Arizona just f**ked up my bracket. Why is the Pac12 so weak this year?

    Who did everyone else pick to win this year? I chose UVA. So far, so good...
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    Hey this is a political forum! hahaha

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    Little #16 UMBC destroys #1 Virginia, decimating brackets all throughout the land.

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    More carnage today...

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    The two women in our office pool are currently in the lead...

    They grudgingly participated because they "didn't know anything about basketball."

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    So who had Loyola Chicago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca View Post
    So who had Loyola Chicago?
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    So the results of our office March Madness pool are in. The 20-yr-old girl who knows nothing about basketball and had to be dragged into our office pool kicking and screaming just beat everyone else in the a LANDSLIDE.

    She picked teams based on "whether or not she wanted to visit there, or whether or not they have a good campus."

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