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Thread: Ruger 10/22 Mods

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    Quote Originally Posted by tallsteve View Post
    Yeah, it is. The scope mount is for an AR so I need something lower. Any suggestions?
    Not sure what your base is, but, I'd start there. Then get a set of rings to match. BKL, Warne, Leupold, etc.

    If were me, based on your stock, I'd probably want the lowest set of rings that would work for the scope and your head position.

    Good suggestions if you search around on the rimfirecentral forum.

    Wouldn't need to get to fancy/spendy methinks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldno7 View Post
    Yea, that one right there I got as a young boy, it's over 50 years old.
    Yeah, know you could shoot your eye out...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    But there are only two of them! They look so lonely without a bunch of friends. I think you should buy a few more to keep those two company.
    Haha! Yeah, not sure I'll buy another .22 rifle as much as I'd like to have more. My next two purchases will be a shotgun (for turkey hunting) and a full-size handgun.
    Are we there yet?

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    I would also choose the lowest set of rings

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    The Ruger 10/22 is the world's most popular series of rifles for the rimfire cartridge. I have this rifle in my arsenal. The most popular modification of the 10/22 is the stock.

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    Reminds me I need to add a scope to my 10/22 (target tactical model with hogue stock), picked up a Nikon P-Rimfire when on sale which need rings to mount, but I think it could benefit from something better, which I'd probably would need to save up for, It's been low priority... The MTB needs more parts, I need to plink more often though.

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    My father made a small fortune building custom Ruger 10/22's. He built a couple and one of the popular gun magazines at the time wrote an article saying his custom Rugers were the finest on the planet and after that he could ask anything he wanted for his rifles and still couldn't build them fast enough. Guys would show up at his doorstep offering whatever he wanted to build them a 10/22.

    I have a 10/22 my dad built for me and the only item Ruger is the receiver frame. That rifle can drive nails at 75 yards.

    He also built each of my daughters a 10/22 for their 14th birthday.

    He builds lot of other custom rifles. A lot of the guys shooting in 1000 yard competitions are shooting one of my dad's rifles.

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    Sounds like he builds some great rifles.

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    I discovered the website back in 2004. I also have a highly modified ruger 10/22 with volquartson parts, aluminum customed colored fluted and ported whistle pig barrel, and a baracuda stock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by REDFOX View Post
    I discovered the website back in 2004. I also have a highly modified ruger 10/22 with volquartson parts, aluminum customed colored fluted and ported whistle pig barrel, and a baracuda stock.
    Well hey about a picture of said piece of equipment? I'd like to see it...probably looks like a work of art.
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