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Thread: BYU Football 2018

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    BYU by 27 points over McNeese State.

    A quality win.
    <----I'm with Spartacus

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    BYU Football 2018

    Yeah I only watched until the half. It was 3-0 two minutes into the 2nd quarter. McNeese had a couple chances, but couldnít punch it in. Then they got sloppy and BYU scored 3 TDís, so I turned it off and mowed my lawn.

    Looks like BYU moved to #20 in the AP and still not ranked in the coaches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca View Post
    Yeah I only watched until the half.
    I'm guessing there will be no need to watch next Saturday's BYU game past halftime either... LOL...

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    Should be no surprises in this game. I expect the Huskies to be up for this one. BYU might be heading into this game with a certain degree of overconfidence as well.

    Huskies 45
    BYU 13
    <----I'm with Spartacus

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    14-41 wu

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    Ouch!!! BYU is getting beat like a redheaded step child...


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    Well, they got waxed on this one. I thought it would be slightly more competitive. They ended up scoring in garbage time with :41 seconds left to avoid the 5 touchdown shutout.

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    BYU visits the top 25, enjoys a cup of coffee, and quickly disappears...

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    Maybe it wasnít Tyís fault...the cupboard was bare.

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    Looks like the Aggies will go home with the Wagon Wheel this year. BYU getting clobbered at LES.
    <----I'm with Spartacus

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockgremlin View Post
    Looks like the Aggies will go home with the Wagon Wheel this year. BYU getting clobbered at LES.
    They will keep it.

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    Ouch... that's a major beat down.

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    BYU Football 2018

    Iím hearing that QB Zach Wilson may get the start this week. Desperation? Magnum hasnít been great, but they got dismantled by USU across the board.

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    I thought Ty Detmer was the problem?!?

    Mangum is not the problem.... Detmer was not the problem.

    I said it before and I'll say it again... BYU will never again be a powerhouse so long as they are an independent.

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    Mangum benched and Wilson to start against Hawaii in homecoming game.

    Wonder how Mangum feels about that. There was a lot of hype surrounding him at the start of the season...
    <----I'm with Spartacus

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    Remember what Lavell Edwards always said "The most popular guy in Provo is always the backup QB".

    So who believes the problem was Mangum, and now all is right in Cougar Town?

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