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Thread: Utah Football 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by uintafly View Post

    May not be as easy to make a profit on my tickets in a few years.

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    Video of the renderings here:

    The music really sells it, though it seems there is no upgrade to any of the concourses outside of the south end zone. long lines and barely moving will continue.

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    ^^^Looks like they nailed the Ute fan stereotype pretty accurately with the backwards hat and the baggy t-shirt. Surprised he doesn't have a sleeve tattoo.
    <----I'm with Spartacus

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    Looks like we have Terry Bradshaw on the far right and Tiger Woods in the middle. They brought out the big guns to sell this thing.

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    Ok, call your shot here. Utah is favored by 7 on the road in Boulder.

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    ^^^I already called my shot and I'm riding that horse until it throws me...

    ...not to mention history is on my side.

    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    Without doubt Utah will win big over the Ducks... probably by 21 points or more.... all three phases of their game will be clicking like clockwork....

    How do I know this is such a sure thing you ask?!?

    ...because that's the only way to truly crush our hopes and dreams when the Buffalos beat Utah like a redheaded stepchild the following week.


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