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Thread: In Moab: Poison Spider and Metal Masher Trails

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    In Moab: Poison Spider and Metal Masher Trails

    Spent the Labor Day holiday in Moab (as I have done the past 5 years). This time it was an off road adventure over the Metal Masher and Poison Spider 4x4 trails. The weather was good for the time we were down there, with crystal clear blue skies on Thursday, and high altitude wispy clouds today. I had attempted to climb Poison Spider Mesa a couple of years ago, when the KL was brand new. It was before I had installed a lift and larger BF Goodrich KO2 tires. Those two things made the difference. We were able to successful traverse the trail, including the nasty entry switchbacks that turned me back last time. I really like the BFG KO2's. They can grip a vertical wall, it seems. We were able to make it over some fairly amazing obstacles.
    At a point in the trail while going over some rocky terrain, after the Pre Launch Pad obstacle and before reaching the Waterfall obstacle, we encountered a group of 12 tour led Wranglers coming back down. The guide was in the lead Jeep. As I pulled over and they all passed by, they all favorably shook their heads in amazement that a KL was on the trail. The lead Jeep's driver, the tour guide, said to me as he stopped, "Amazing. Very impressive vehicle you have there!" Each shared a favorable comment as they passed by, including the final Jeep driver who simply gave a thumbs up. My son and I sat beaming with "humble" pleasure for all of the positive attention.
    The "waterfall" obstacle was my favorite. Pretty amazing climb. My son acted as my spotter. He's a great kid. I love him to pieces. He often got so concerned with my wheel placement, that I often had to remind him to take a pic or two of the action. After coming back down Poison Spider, we drove up UT 313 and visited an Anasazi rock art panel, and some old mine trappings in Seven Mile Canyon, including a rickety old wooden ladder from the time prospector Jake Ruby was searching for uranium.
    I have now traveled 11 Jeep Badge of Honor trails, including the famous "Black Bear Pass" in southwest Colorado. In my own opinion, Poison Spider is one of the roughest and most challenging of my own personal list.
    Next visited Metal Masher. Very challenging with lots of interesting obstacles, many with bypasses. Great scenery along this, as well as many other, Moab area trails.
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    It looks like you have a very capable rig, but to me your driving skills are what kept the paint on the running boards and the plastic bumpers where they are supposed to be.

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