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Thread: UnderCover/Lost&found - Arches NP, 10/09/2017

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    UnderCover/Lost&found - Arches NP, 10/09/2017

    This is now my favorite canyon in Arches NP.

    Short approach, marvelous rappels, a dark rabbit hole downclimb,
    amazing scenery, a 5.5/5.6 friction climb exit, views into the more popular section
    of Arches and great views of Covert Arch.

    There is so much crypto to tiptoe around out there!

    The friction climb leads to the "Sidewalk", a unique sandstone
    ramp/ledge that can be "walked" over and around a Knob of Navajo
    where an easy climb up to the top awaits. From there it is a short walk
    to the top of Covert Arch.

    Flikr pictures

    Some choice pictures

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    Don't believe everything you think.

    -Borrowed from a bumper sticker I believe

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    Totally agree - great adventure, great views & none of the crowds.

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    I just wish there were more canyons over on that side of the park as it's a long drive around to get there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    I just wish there were more canyons over on that side of the park as it's a long drive around to get there.
    On that side of the park we like Winter Camp. Didn't enjoy MMI enough to repeat it.

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    that rock looks sketchy. you guys assess the situation and decide no need for a rope?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hiacbanks View Post
    that rock looks sketchy. you guys assess the situation and decide no need for a rope?
    Can't speak for French de, but we've done it with and without ropes, depending on the skill level of the group. Sticky shoes are the key. We've been known to exit in worn climbing shoes.

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    [QUOTE=hiacbanks;589840]that rock looks sketchy. you guys assess the situation and decide no need for a rope?[/QU

    About the friction climb out exit; we brought rope just in case and had a couple of good climbers with us in our group.
    Ultimately, we all friction climbed without the use of a rope. There were a couple of spots that I used my sticky rubber gloves to help as I scrambled up.

    It also helps to have the 5-10 stealth rubber canyoneering and hiking shoes which provide better friction grab and adds to the confidence.

    All that being said, the climb out up that slick rock path, if followed very carefully, should be fairly easy for most with good hiking skills
    but there is some exposure in some sections and that can add some anxiety to that up climb.

    I had done this climb out several years ago and back then, we used a webbing handline at one section.
    So I came prepared this time with rope and was very verbal about being cautious at this section.

    But this time, when we all reached the sidewalk area at the top, everybody's consensus was "not that big of a deal"

    By the way, the views up along the sidewalk are amazing.
    Don't believe everything you think.

    -Borrowed from a bumper sticker I believe

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    Careful or skillful route finding on the climb out makes the exit fairly easy and straightforward. Experienced slickrock canyoneers shouldn't have issues with the exit in dry weather. Haphazard or poor route finding on the exit out can result in some scary moments. Commonsense goes a long way in making this exit an enjoyable experience.

    Also much of the beta floating around on this canyon omits or skips the 'sidewalk', which in my opinion is probably the most interesting feature of this route. The stroll along the sidewalk is worth the price of admission.

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