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Thread: suggestion needed: 9-day solo Winds near Elkhart Park

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    suggestion needed: 9-day solo Winds near Elkhart Park

    Last August, I have done this 7-day backpacking:
    Big Sandy TH -> Shadow Lake -> Pyramid Lake -> Ambush Peak, Mt Bonneville -> Haily Pass -> Baptiste Lake -> Grave Lake -> Valentine Lake -> South folk lake -> Lizard Head -> Lonesome lake -> Jackass pass -> Big Sandy Lake -> Big Sandy TH

    starting this Sunday, I have 9 day to explore the northern winds. part of the reason is to see eclipse. I rent a car from Denver and drive overnight this Saturday to Elkhart Park TH.

    here is the **route**:

    My plan is as follows. However I am open to other suggestion, for example, maybe 5 days in winds, then 4 days in Grand teton if I can get the permit..

    Day 0: arrive Denver 5pm. drive overnight toward Elkhart Park, sleep in car somewhere

    Day 1: Elkhart Park -> Island Lake, 10 miles
    night1: Island Lake

    Day 2: eclipse day
    Island Lake to Titcomb Lakes
    night 2: Titcomb Lakes
    Question: is Titcomb Lakes a best shot for eclipse ?

    Day 3: Titcomb Lakes -> Indian Basin -> Wall Lake
    night 3: Wall lake

    Day 4:Wall lake -> Cook Lakes -> Spider Lake
    night 4: Spider Lake

    after spider lake, i have two choice.
    option 1: spider Lake -> cook pass -> lake 11065 -> upper golden lake -> Dennis Lake
    basically I traver to big sandy, and hope can hitch hike back to Elkhart Park.

    option 2:spider Lake -> cook pass -> lake 11065 -> lake 10787 -> camp lake -> Alpine Lakes

    currently I lean toward option 2

    day 5: option2
    night 5: Alpine Lakes

    day 6:
    Alpine Lakes -> Alpine Lake pass -> indian pass -> Titcomb Basin
    night 6: Titcomb Basin

    day 7 Titcomb Basin -> Knapsack Col -> Shannon pass -> Lower jean Lake
    night 7: Lower jean Lake
    Question: should I camp at island lake instead?

    day 8 Lower jean Lake -> Island Lake -> Elkhart Park

    day 9 drive to Denver, afternoon 3:15pm flight out

    Is this plan doable?

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