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Thread: Utah High School Mountain Biking

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    Utah High School Mountain Biking

    How long do the races normally last? They start around 8 am or so an when do they wrap up?

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    It's an all day deal, think 9 to 4. Your kids actual race will last about an hour. Start times for each class vary from race to race so everyone has a chance to be in the first, middle and last race.

    I don't know how your school rolls but at CCHS the kids are expected to be there to help setup the pits and clean up at the end. When the kids are not racing they are expected to be on the fence cheering their team members that are racing.

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    Yeah sounds about right. They are listed from 7-4 on our schedule. Whoever planned the dates must not be a Utah Football fan. Lol!

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    I just got an invite to film some of the High School teams, I'll see what I can do. It's not usually some 15 minute deal, it's a full day's work, and expensive equipment at risk, but I do enjoy it.

    Speaking of high school teams, I was riding last night and asked this rider from Bonneville High if I could shoot him on this section of trail, I think it turned out decent.

    And..... the type of camera work I do is MUCH different than the races. Sometimes the race organizers expect the live aerial view of the race, which I can do, but I'm more in it for the scenic shots. I can stream live to multiple platforms, and who knows, maybe I'll start doing more of it. But, I do have to land every 25 minutes and relaunch, that's what some of them don't understand. It's also not like on TV, I've got 1 camera, so I can't flip to the next feed and the next rider. I could still put together some fun shots of the race and have it available several days later for viewing.

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